Convert any online HTML5 animation, iframe, page to video

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How does it work?

Three small steps and you are ready to share your video!

01 | Enter the URL of your content


Just enter the URL of your content. Let it be an SWF or an iFrame URL, just type it in. We might ask you for some details like width, height and the duration of your content.

02 | Verify the preview


Verify your preview. We will show you the full HD preview of your  video, with watermark. If you don not like it, just adjust your content or the parameters and restart, free of charge!

03 | Download video


Download your video! Your video download will be active for 72 hours. You can export, share and play your video wherewer and whenewer you want to 🙂

Watch how to use Omnirender to convert HTML5 animation or banner to video

Just enter the URL of your HTML5 iframe/animation, fill out some details and click on start!

Omnirender automatically starts the conversion and send you an email when your preview is ready.

  • Copy paste the url of your creative. Your creative must be aligned top-left and must have no padding!
  • Please enter a number from 30 to 1920.
    The width of your creative
  • Please enter a number from 30 to 1080.
    The height of your creative
  • Please enter a number from 3 to 180.
    We record your creative for exactly this length
  • We need your email to let you know when conversion is finished
    Your creative must be on a public server. Not on http://localhost, not on It must be aligned TOP LEFT corner 0px,0px, or it must be fill the visible screen totally.
  • We can convert up to 15 minutes.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.