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Add Job


Make a HTTP POST request to the following url. You can use omnirender_demo as apikey, this is a live demo queue responsible for processing HTML5 banners using a regular capture driver. Please refer to creative requirements to properly setup your creative container (it’s probably already working that way).
CURL request:


Basic parameters

url: the URL of the creative, must be available over HTTP/HTTPS without any two-step authentication
width: width of the target video
height: height of the target video
delay: duration of the creative in seconds

Extended parameters for premium users:

fps: frames per sec for the video, allowed values 30 or 60
scraper: custom driver for syncing start/stop signals with the creative
XMP tag: add custom XMP tags that should be added to the final video
timer_enabled: for debug purposes, add a timer overlay to the final video

Notification parameters


To add custom notification targets

Please refer to this documentation page:
Configure notification targets

Add S3 export upload for finished video