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Configure notification targets

For each queue there are predefined notifications that we configure for our clients, however notification object can be overridden per each conversion request job POST.

Here is an example of a sample notification object:

In the above example, when there is a scrape_status update (conversion process and result), you receive an API callback notification in a HTTP POST request made to the URL you specified: http://mycompany.com/api/callback/status_from_omnirender. For each error related issue, you’ll get a notification in a form of email to the given email address: internal_support@mycompany.com but also an API callback to the specified URL: http://mycompany.com/api/callback/status_from_omnirender.

Example for custom notification targets:

Make a HTTP POST with a CURL request: in which all scrape and error statuses are both sent to an email address and an API callback (in this case https://webhook.site/ is used, please create your own webhook endpoint and replace the hash below):