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Receive notifications & Access to media

API Callback Notification Object

Omnirender API callback is done over HTTP to the URL specified in the callback using POST request using content-type:application/json

The object attached to the request:

id: the id of the job
status_type: status type
value=[depending on the status type]: If you enable CDN export, your final (last item in pipeline) callback for a job will be status_type=cdn_export_status, value=finished
If CDN export is disabled, your final (last item in pipeline) callback for a job will be status_type=scrape_status, value=finished
details=[JSON:{}]: contains detailed error messages

In case of CDN export enabled for a premium client:

CDN export status holds the result from the CDN AWS, AZURE for example:



In case of CDN disabled:

scrape_status holds the omnirender file URI for which you will need to prepend our file
storage URI to access it.

In this case you will need to download and store the file using your own logic, because Omnirender stores files only for 72 hours.
It might confuse the client if the file URI was from omnirender.com user_token=[user_token_sent_back] optional, can be used for additional logic.