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Conversion & Integration overview

HTML5 to video conversion overview

  1. Obtain an API key from Omnirender using our contact form
  2. Make your HTML5 creative publicly available over HTTP(s)
  3. Make your HTML5 creative autoplay and scale proportionally to it’s maximum width and height of the available browser space
  4. Submit a conversion job to api.omnirender.com in a HTTP POST request containing the URL.
    1. Specify output width, height and duration of the video.
    2. Specify API or e-mail notification callback so you’ll know if the conversion is finished
  5. Receive the converted video link in e-mail or via the API callback

Jobs submitted for creative conversion can have other optional parameters that you can pass along with the HTTP POST request.

Click here to get an API key but you can also use the public demo API key that is provided in the examples

Click here for comprehensive API documentation and examples for submitting a jobs


Omnirender uses the following tech stack:

  • Virtualized browser environment (Chromium)
  • Selenium webdrivers for upscaling and controlling creatives
  • Customized FFMPEGs for capturing and transcoding creatives
  • Customized audio/GPU drivers for enabling audio syncing at very high resolutions and framerates
  • Modified Linux kernels
  • Separate infrastructure for job ingestion, job status, queue health and notification management