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Conversion Queue & Workers

Conversion Queue

Each client is assigned to a queue. This queue has its own API keys, custom initial notification logic, syncing method and many other parameters set. Each queue will be assigned a number of workers following the same logic.

What kind of queues an Omnirender customer uses? Here are some examples:

  • Common: A customer usually have a live queue for the production environment
  • Common: A customer is assigned a debug queue to test new creative types, players, logic, resolution, transformations, tagging etc
  • Rare: A customer can require an additional queue that has a different low-level logic and enviroment like initial resolution, customized GPU, different FFMPEG drivers


A worker is simply a self-contained node that is able to perform capturing, transcoding and uploading tasks for a given conversion job. The more workers you have, the faster your queue burns down.