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Conversion Speed

Conversion speed overview

Omnirender uses virtualized screen capturing technology to convert your creative from HTML5 to video. Depending on the complexity, upscaling factor and fps requirements a 15 sec creative can be converted to video in 30-40 seconds (capturing and transcoding). For every conversion there is an additional overhead that not exactly proportional to the creative, which is creative loading & awaiting for document.ready or playerReady events, preparing and sending notifications and API callbacks, storing certain events and internally synchronizing processes, initializing environments, cleaning up workspaces etc. This usually ads 20s to any conversion.

According to the above numbers, if you usually have 15s banners, a dedicated worker can convert 50-60 creatives per hour.

If you need more simultaneous conversion per hour, simply opt for more workers for your queue.

Queue Congestions

Even if you have many workers at your queues disposal, you might still be able to run into the congestion scenario. This means you (or your clients) have made many requests at the same time. This will simply increase the queue length and the time to process one creative, because that creative will linger in the queue much more until it gets done.