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Title: 1900-1950
Author: Devon Byron
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White Paper
The first interaction in the 1700's between the First Nations and the Europeans were trade. Before the Europeans came to Canada. to trade, the First Nations were already trading very successfully. The Europeans wanted the furs the First Nations were trading. In exchange for furs the Europeans gave First Nations goods such as pots, muskets, cloth, axe-heads, and needles. Eventually the fur trade expanded and became very rapid, with high competition. Due to extreme competition the Europeans and the First Nations made an alliance. An alliance is almost like a friendship to achieve common goals. This alliance was very beneficial to the Europeans because of the many skills that the First Nations had. They knew water ways, travel routes, and made natural medicines that saved many lives. When the Europeans came they brought many diseases the First Nations didn't have immunities to. This caused the population to decrease rapidly. Immunity is A natural shie