Racial Psychotecture in Star Wars, by JM.Persánch

Racial Psychotecture in Star Wars, by JM.Persánch

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Title: Racial Psychotecture in Star Wars, by JM.Persánch
Author: JM Persánch
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Racial Psychotecture in
Star Wars


University of kentucky
Department of Hispanic Studies


The filmic interrelation between a society's framework of representation and its mindset.
Primary Separation:

Marked v. Unmarked Characters
4 levels of a hierarchical codification
This psycotectural formula assumes a conscious manipulation of unconscious processes that uses US archetypical and stereotypical representations of their social memory and collective memory to retell stories.

Psychotecture, as a structural filmic modulation, reveals the existence of a naturalized system of racial power relations in the filmic representation and creation of identities, by which centrality is offered to white people.